Monday, August 13, 2007


Impatience - something I've always had oodles of, but which has definitely been significantly tamed by crafting. "The book" (read the story here, here, and here) has definitely given me an exercise in patience again this weekend. The bag is for my mom, who loves toile.

Ideas - so many, so little time...

Imagination - what you need to form original ideas.

Idleness - I sometimes have to force myself into a little of this. It does not come naturally to me.

Impulsive - something else I'm not but am working on incorporating into my personality.

Indecisive - If I can be a little more impulsive, I might be a little less indecisive...

Ice cream - rum raisin is my favorite, but kind of hard to come by. Vanilla will do in a pinch, especially with a strawberry topping.


  1. I can't remember how I found your blog, but I am enjoying your alphabet posts very much!

  2. I can agree on impatience wow am I riddled with that! Idleness and impulsiveness come too easily. I'll send you some of mine!!

  3. Love the colours in that bag.

  4. How lucky is your Mom? That bag is gorgeous!

    Personally, I've got the Idleness and Indecisiveness in spades these days! :)

  5. Love, love, love the bag! And I love red.

  6. What a lovely bag..and what a good daughter you are :)

  7. LOVE that bag! such great colors and shape. I am very much like you...indecisive, not impulsive, impatient and have to work on the idleness, too...I can't sit still. :)

  8. That is a great looking bag! You must have one of those nifty quilting machines. I think they're very neat, but they scare me a little too! I guess i've never seen one being used, so I'm unsure of how they work, it just seems like it must be so hard!
    I think the only area of my life in which I'm impulsive is shopping, which isn't always a very good thing!