Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blogger's Quilt Festival Fall 2010

I'm a little late to the party, but here's my entry.

This quilt is HARD to photograph!
I've been trying to get a cover shot for the pattern I'll be publishing but so far it's been close to impossible.
Anyhow, here she is!
Pinwheel Party Quilt
The Pinwheel Party Quilt
Pinwheel Party Quilt
Some detail shots...
Pinwheel Party Quilt detail

Pinwheel Party Quilt detail
I you'd like to see all the other lovely entries, visit Amy's blog and the post over here.

the twiddletails store is sponsoring some prizes too!
Wee Woodland loveliness!

Friday, October 29, 2010


The winners of the Flower Dance fat quarters are:

I'll be contacting you for your shipping addresses.

Remember, pink fabric is 10% off in the store until Sunday only!

(If you've been patiently waiting for me to send you anything you won in a giveaway, I apologize for being SO SLOW!
I'm planning on getting all those in the mail today.)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Win-some Wednesday

Today's fabric:
Smores Pink Ric Rac by Me & My Sister Designs for Moda

Just leave a comment and you can win one of two fat quarters.

How do you spell ric rac/rick rack/ric-rac...?

 Remember, all pink fabric is 10% off until Sunday the 31st only!
$1 will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for every yard of fabric purchased.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


and mini-me

BOM Blocks

BOM Blocks

BOM Blocks

Many more to go.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Hah!  Got your attention, didn't I?
Strip piecing
Working on the red blocks.
My brain doesn't want to think today, so no BOM sewing.
There are definitely more ugly than pretty fabrics in the bin.

(If you have no clue what I'm talking about, visit Jodi's blog and join the Sew Scraps Along.)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Making it work

After my initial scrap shock and distaste, I've decided that this is a challenge.
To make these scraps work.
In an attractive way.
To prove that ugly scraps can make pretty quilts.
I sorted them by color.
This is red.
So far, so good.
Scrap Solution?

Friday, October 22, 2010

So what do you do...

...if you hate your scraps?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Stars (and winners)

Only three blocks to go and I'll have the 12 main stars in the star BOM quilt done.  Each month has three blocks though, so I'm not quite there yet.
More BOM blocks

I also drew the winners of last week's WW (Win-some Wednesday):
Congratulations Denise and  Jane!
You each won a fat quarter of Flirtations Stripes & Dots fabric.
I'll be contacting you for your mailing addresses.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Win-some Wednesday

Today's giveaway fabric:
Flower Dance from the "Happy" collection by Me & My Sister Designs

Just leave a comment and you can win one of two fat quarters.

You can see what I have here.

All pink fabric is still 10% off in the store and $1 will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for every yard of fabric purchased.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Project Organization

Since I'm probably going to join in on the Sew Scraps Along over at Pleasant Home and Jodi is already posting wonderful project organization tips, I thought I'd share what I'm using for the block of the month project.

Project Storage
I have to admit that usually WIP projects are scattered all over various shelves and baskets but I figured this one should be more "together".
The container is from Rubbermaid.  I got it at Target.

I'll probably be using these for my Scraps Along projects too.

I've been using them for fabric that isn't on bolts in the store for quite a while and have a couple of extras.
(I have to confess I'm a bit of a storage container junkie.)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Goodbye Ugly Quilt

Remember me referring to the ugly quilt?
Were you confused as to why I would keep working on a quilt I hated?
Here's the answer:
I wanted to figure out the techniques for attaching the triangles and binding to "that quilt" without putting the actual quilt at risk.
So I slapped together something using scraps and absolutely no planning.
Something really unattractive.
Well, I figured out the methods.
Scalloped binding experiment
And I'm killing the project.
So, alas, you won't have to feast your eyes on the completion of all that unattractiveness.
You're not missing anything.
Trust me.
Ugly Jane

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Want Scraps?

Jodi over at Pleasant Home is hosting a "Sew Scraps Along". During that period she'll share 4 or 5 scrappy projects to help us start using up our scraps.
Sew Scraps Along
Since many fairly new quilters do not have a lot of scraps (and some more experienced quilters are scrap-oholics), she asked a few of us to do scrap giveaways. I gladly accepted. I have TONS of scraps.

Today it's my turn.
Here's a little sample...
Giveaway Scraps
I will fill a small Flat Rate Box with scraps.

If you'd like an opportunity to win this little box, just leave a comment over here and visit Jodi to sign up for the Scraps Along.

(Entries will close at midnight PDT on October 20th.)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Win-some Wednesday Winners

I promise there will be a "real" post soon.  I'm working on the world's ugliest little quilt.
And another (one-time) giveaway.
And the block-of-the-month.

I've added a "Follower" link in the left sidebar. I received quite a few queries regarding this, so there it is...
I've been hesitant to add this because I'm afraid it will re-awaken the beast. Let's see how it goes.

The winners of last week's "Birdie" fat quarters are:

#46: Robin C

#49: Lee Ann

Congratulations! I will be contacting you for your address details.

(Remember, you still have time to enter this week's drawing.)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Win-some Wednesday

This week's pretty pink fabric:

Just leave a comment and you're in.

All pink fabric is still 10% off in the store.
The donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation is growing.
I'm donating $1 for every yard of pink fabric you buy.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

And the Win-some Wednesday Winners are...

Lovin' all these W's!

The winners of last week's "Splendid Rhapsody" fat quarters are:

#34: CJ
#7: Kristi Lou

Congratulations!  I will be contacting you for your address details.

(Remember, you still have time to enter this week's drawing.)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Win-some Wednesday #2

Because it's October and Breast Cancer Awareness month all giveaway fabrics will be pink this month.
Pink is my favorite color. This will be fun!

This week you can win...

Just leave a comment and I'll enter you in the drawing. (Entries close at midnight next Tuesday.)

(All pink fabric is 10% off in the store for the month of October.  I'm also donating $1 for every yard of pink fabric purchased to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.)

Edited to add:  Unfortunately I cannot enter anonymous posts in the drawing because I have no way to contact you.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Look what arrived in the mail!!!

My name tag...
 ...and registration details...

I'm still "only" going to the Festival and not Market but I'm excited!
Can you tell?