Tuesday, August 21, 2007

S & T

Sewing - wow, how many things can be made using a sewing machine. The possibilities are endless. I made the above item yesterday. More details will follow the day after Z.

Sunshine - something we really know how to appreciate out here. After a couple of days of cloud and rain ("Augustober", the local weatherman called it), it looks like the sun may peek out today.

Shopping - I love bargain-hunting, my favorite kind of shopping.

Sleep - I'm one of those people who fall asleep the moment my head hits the pillow. It's great!

Sydney - my baby girl.

Seasick - oh, the woe! I have tried anything, except the patch. If I ever dare step on a boat again, I'll try that.

Symmetry - a very big tendency of mine. Probably related to most of my other quirks. Here's an example: when I'm done wiping the kitchen table, I get the biggest urge to whip out the tape measure and make sure I put the runner back exactly in the center of the table.

Thrifting - one of my favorite kinds of shopping. Our thrift stores suck though, so I don't do it too often.

Tea and my teakettle - in summer I have one cup of tea a day. In winter at least five or six.

Thoughtfulness - a seemingly vanishing quality in today's society.

Theater - we have season tickets to our local theater. This is our "date night".

Time - how I wish I had more of this.

Tomatoes - fresh from my garden


  1. Still no red tomatoes (besides cherry) here. Lots of green ones though so I know there'll be a flood soon. Look at sweet Sydney. You must be wrapped around her little paw.

  2. I drink tea all day, whatever season!
    The teakettle looks like a bunny!

  3. really? a tape measure?

    those tomatoes look divine - enjoy!

  4. You are really getting some mileage out of our swap! Can't wait till the letter Z!

  5. Just catching up on your blog a bit! :) You really did good on the alphabet theme, I have had such difficulties coming up with words for each letter!