Monday, December 5, 2022

New Tutorial - Quick Flying Geese (4-at-a-time)

This was long overdue!

I updated the Quick Flying Geese tutorial to make it easier to download and print.

You can still watch the video on the YouTube Channel over here.

Quick Flying Geese Tutorial (4-at-a-time)

This is a tutorial for making 4 identical flying geese units at a time, with absolutely no fabric wasted.

Determine the size of your cut pieces

1. Decide which size you’d like your flying geese units to finish at. (The height has to be half the width.)
2. Add ” to the shorter measurement. (a)
3. Add  1¼” to the longer measurement. (b)
4. Out of the fabric you wish to use for the sides of your flying geese, cut 4 squares measuring a x a.
5. Out of the fabric you wish to use for the center of your flying geese, cut 1 square measuring b x b.

For example,

To make 3” x 6” flying geese, you would cut:
4 squares measuring 3”out of "side" fabric
1 square measuring 7¼” out of center fabric

Construct flying geese units

1. Draw a diagonal line corner to corner on the WRONG side of each of the smaller squares.

2. Lay two of the smaller squares on top of the larger square RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER. Make sure your diagonal lines line up. Pin.

3. Stitch ¼” from the drawn line on both sides.


4. Cut along the drawn line.


5. Press the seams toward the smaller triangles.


6. Place the remaining squares on top of the units you just made, RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER. Pin.

 7. Stitch ¼” from the drawn lines on both sides.


8. Cut along the marked lines.


9. Press toward the smaller triangles.

There you go! Four identical flying geese units!

Download the PDF File

Watch the YouTube video