Friday, August 3, 2007

Encyclopedia of Me - A

I've decided to join the "Encyclopedia of me" meme started over at Bella Dia.

Anina - obviously, my name. My mom named me after an actress. Anina means "answer my prayer" in Aramaic, but I don't think my mom knew this when she named me.

Africa - the continent where I was born.

Able - I've always been able to do pretty much anything I put my mind to. This, even though great, can sometimes prevent me from really focusing my attention on any one thing.

Anal - once again, both good and bad things can come from this.

Assertive - I'm not likely to allow myself to be steamrolled.

Avocados - why do they have so many calories?

Apple pie - I LOVE apple pie!


  1. Too cute! Love the great photo. Such a pretty name, and very cool to read about its meaning!

  2. I just found your blog and love it - went through all the archives and I am inspired - thanks

  3. Glad to see you joined in! :) I am enjoying reading what everyone comes up with for each letter.

  4. oh, avocadoes - good one! i love them too!

  5. Oh my twiddley dooo!!!! I just found this magnificent bloggity blog of yours!!! Love it! Your photo... I just want to squeeze the ever-lovin stuffin outa that sweet lil thing!!!! Apple pie...avocados... wow! What a combination... wouldn't that be just the perfect meal????
    And then... snickerdoodles... oh my!
    Really... I am not usually so obsessed with food... but good golly... they sound good!
    Thanks for the lovely read. I will be back and back and back!

  6. You are the cutest thing! That outfit! Flowered pant-suit with lace collar...and a fur hat....! I had to write it out...fantastic! not to mention the little chubby wrists and the sweetest smile.

  7. What a terrific picture! I'm so glad i found your blog(...erm..on belladia.), i'm looking forward to reading more...

  8. ever since you first commented on my blog, i have thought your name ws so pretty. it is nice to know the story behind it :)