Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Josh - I know, you must be getting a little tired of him, but I'm his mother, and I can't get enough...

Joy - the greatest feeling in the world

Jabberwocky - I couldn't resist

Jalapeno peppers - I love hot food

Jell-O - brings out the child in all of us

Jon Bon Jovi

Hugh Jackman


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  1. And I would have to add me... Joni!
    Is there a letter coming up that you are dreading?? What can one say about 'X'??

  2. Josh is so cute! Bon Jovi? You gotta be kidding... I used to adore him as a teen :) And you know what- I just draw your not schnautzer suggestion for the next stage on my blog project. Flowers!

  3. I've been stalking your blog for a while, I can't remeber how I stumbled upon it. sorry!

    I just wanted to say your little boy is adorable!! He looks about the same age as my daughter (almost 10 months) and has the same amount of hair!

    And I love Jon and Hugh also!

  4. Those curls are wonderful. I love that Tristan has curls, though not quite as curly as Josh's hair was.

  5. Jabberwocky huh! :) You are coming up with the most interesting words for this! I have been stuck on "I" for the last day...

  6. I am not sure who's cuter Josh or Jon-

    Have I mentioned....... I touched Jon's leather clad thigh in the late 80's!!! Oh what a night:)

  7. I might have to jump ahead to the J's Just For Jackman! and John Cusack- oh, is he a C?

  8. Grrr is right! Mmmm... I better watch those movies again.