Sunday, December 27, 2020

Temperature Quilt 2021!

Things are heating up on the Temperature Quilt Along Facebook Group! This means the New Year is almost here (and aren't we all glad for that this year?).

If you're new to this, I have a bunch of posts from last year to the right


I did change the fabric planning sheet for 2021. You can sign up to get it over here.

I also updated the calendar where you can record your temperatures. You can find it under "files" in the Facebook Group and I'll send it in an email to subscribers in the next couple of days if you're not on Facebook.

My design for 2021 is appliqued hearts. It'll be much like my 2019 quilt but I am NOT hand appliqueing these.  They will definitely be fused and raw edge.

The planning sheet document includes templates for the little hearts should you decide to use this design.

Be sure to join the Facebook Group and/or follow Twiddletails on Instagram. I post over there more frequently.

Here's a pic of my 2019 quilt:

Happy New Year!!!!