Sunday, August 5, 2007


Cake, cookies, anything baked (which should have been under "B")(Banana cake recipe here)

Candles - I love their soft glow, especially on dreary Northwest winter days.

Creating - the satisfaction of ending up with something that came from your own hands is indescribable. And with that, of course...

Crafting - for the same reason as above and for the release I get from getting an idea from my head to reality.

Cosmopolitans - in all their cranberry and lemon glory.

Camping - as long as it's only for a weekend, getting out there and "roughing" it never fails to give me gratitude for the roof over my head.

Chocolate - chocolate cake, chocolate milk, chocolate fudge, chocolate ice cream, anything chocolate!!!

Cats - we used to have three, now we have two. I love their soft little bodies and gentle purring.

Cheesecake - say no more


  1. you are making me hungry!

  2. I'm with you on all but two of them...can't do the scent of candles and don't think I have ever had a cosmo, YET!

    we have three cats... thankfully mostly outdoors these days with my allergies. but they are precious.

    I could go camping for the rest of my life if there is a flushing toilet and running water at the bath house!

  3. I love your list of c's! :)

    Your cats are all so cute!