Wednesday, August 22, 2007

U, V & W


Umbrellas - did you know that that's the way we spot a tourist out here? "Real" Seattle-ites do NOT use umbrellas. (But I sometimes do)

Unites States of America - the greatest country in the universe

Uninspired - sometimes I get struck by a total inability to come up with anything whatsoever.

Veggies - I love most veggies, except for Brussels sprouts and boiled cabbage.

Vacuum - Sydney hates the vacuum. Vacuuming in this house includes a rabid dog chasing after me, barking like the world is about to end and lunging at the vacuum every thirty seconds or so.

Vowels - every time I hear the word, my thoughts immediately go: "a,e,i,o,u;a,e,i,o,u...". My teacher must have done a really good job brainwashing me.

Vitamins - I wish I could remember to take these every day.

Vacations - we went nowhere this year. I'm definitely going to be pro-active and book some stuff for next summer.

WIPs - I used to never have ANY, but since I started blogging I've been flooded by so much inspiration that these have been building up in a scary way.

Wet - the way it seems to be out here most of the time. I have a love-hate relationship with wet.

Wagon - the ultimate yard sale vehicle. All the seats fold flat. Amazing feats have been accomplished stuffing things under that hatch. Also the ultimate "mommy car". We watched "School of Rock" the other night and ALL the parents were driving Volvo's. Funny. Ha-ha. (very fun movie, by the way)


  1. Boiled cabbage = yuck in my book too.

  2. Very pretty umbrellas :)

  3. U for unique, V for very nice and W for wonderful!

  4. You have done such a great job with your encyclopedia. I have really enjoyed reading it, even though I've missed a day once in awhile. It's so easy to catch up with. One more day to go...

    The mood I'm in today, I'd have said... u for ugly witches... v for vampires... w for werewolves... hee, hee.

  5. I can really relate to the WIP issue. I don't have many completed projects but I have tons of WIPS, maybe turning into UFO's. I should post my pile..make myself accountable :(

  6. Ahh, you drive a really nice Swedish car ;o) ;o) ;o)