Tuesday, September 7, 2021

My Favorite Color is Moda Sew Along - Block 15

This block looks very scary but really isn't. It's all HSTs and, because it's 27" x 27", it fills up a lot of space.

Disclaimer: Sometimes I will change the pattern instructions a little bit because a different way works better for me. This does not mean that the pattern won't work exactly as written. If you follow the pattern, your blocks will still turn out fine.


I don't have many tips for this block.

Be sure to double check your fabric combinations because there are 4 different HST combos.

I always lay everything out on the table as I go.

Nesting seams is hard when there are this many pieces in the block.

I did manage to do a little when making the smaller square units.

Make the 16 individual squares and sew them together in groups of 4.

Then sew these together in pairs and, finally, sew the pairs together to complete the block.

NOTE: As of the writing of this post, I still have a couple of kits left in the Trading Post and Pink Lemonade colorways.  I also have patterns for sale individually if you'd like to make your own version.

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