Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Flying Geese Tutorial

Oops, I was going to post this tomorrow but my scheduling went a litte wrong.
So here it is...

Since the Holiday project I'm working on contains flying geese units I thought I'd put together a super quick and easy tutorial.
This took me about 15 minutes to write, so please excuse the crudeness...

First of all, to calculate the size of your fabric pieces:
"Real" flying geese units are always twice as wide as they are tall.

Let's say we're making 4" x 2" finished flying geese.
We're going to add 0.5" to the dimensions as we would when making any other quilt block.

One rectangle 4.5" x 2.5"
Two squares 2.5" x 2.5"
Flying Geese tutorial
Lay a square right side down on the rectangle and stitch corner to corner as below.
Flying Geese tutorial
Trim the seam to 1/4".
Flying Geese tutorial
Press toward the triangle.
Flying Geese tutorial
Lay the remaining square right side down onto the flying geese unit and sew corner to corner.
Flying Geese tutorial
Once again, trim the seam allowance to 1/4".
Flying Geese tutorial
Press toward the triangle.
Flying Geese tutorial
Woohoo! You have a flying geese unit for your quilt.

(The fabrics used here are: Fizz Dots - Lime and Shine - Sun.)

I've added a PDF version of this flying geese tutorial over here.

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DianeY said...

I've never made one, but have seen so many tutorials. Somehow, yours looks like the easiest! Thanks-I'm going to go do one right now!

Cheryll said...

Thanks for posting this tutorial Anina! I've been looking for this way to make flying geese.

Sole F80 said...

Thanks for posting this! I love making flying geese, but usually mess up the first one trying to figure it out again. I am going to bookmark this in hopes of getting it right the first time!


Lee Ann said...

to be honest, I didn't think this was crude. It was simple, which is EXACTLY what a girl like me needs. :-)

So, thanks bunches! :-)

Robin said...

Sweet and simple. What's not to like? :)

karenfae said...

just how I do them too.

Whosies said...

if you are a sticker for saving every little piece.. you can sew another line on the other side so when you cut it you will have mini 1/2 square triangles. ...they always seem to multiply! watch out.

Shawn said...

perfect ~thank you