Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Eyes - without these I wouldn't be able to enjoy the beauty of the world around me. My new eyemask which allows me to sleep in darkness when Gavin decides to read until 1 am.

Edith Piaf - makes me wish I lived in Paris in the 20's (although this was not nearly as romantic as it may sound)

Eiffel Tower - which I hope to visit one day

Early - As they say "The early bird catches the worm". I get up early and I like to be places early, or at least on time.

Easygoing - something I wish I was and am working on

Etsy - a place of inspiration and awe at the creativity of the human race

Energy - when I have a lot of it, I can move mountains. When I don't I feel guilty because I'm not moving mountains. I may have some "issues"...

Elvis - timeless


  1. Excellent post on 'E'. Thanks for reminding me that I will definitely need to sew up an eye mask for an international flight I'm taking in two weeks.

  2. I wish I was easy-going, also. not a bone in me is...and my husband is through and through.

    liked your list today. :)

  3. oh, elvis! perfect!

  4. I like your new eyemask! :) Do you think my husband would wear one if I made it for him, so I can stay up and read till 1am? ;)

  5. Love Everything about your E's I even like the letter E- FYI -Elvis and I share a birthday (day not year :))

  6. Love that eyemask! How beautiful - makes me even want to wear one. (Of course, it wouldn't work since I'm the one who stays up 'til 1 to read.)

  7. oh that eye mask is so cute. i love it!