Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Happy Accidents

As I've posted before, I'm making Splendid Sampler blocks along with thousands of other quilters and loving it!

Sunday's block is really cute!
I was a little weary of all the tiny pieces, so I decided foundation piecing was the way to go. I figured out the numbering, printed the diagram, and made the sections. When it came to assembly, I realized I hadn't mirrored the diagram. Rookie mistake!

Since I'd already made everything, I decided to see if it'll be OK if the block was a little "twisted".

Then anal retentive me looked at the design and realized that a tape measure will not look like that when folded in that way.
This actually played in my favor because my block was turned around.
The words, however, were not going to fit as designed. Another happy accident however!

Here's my block:
Different, but I like it.

If you haven't made the block yet and would like to try foundation piecing it, my numbering was as follows:
Just remember that you'll have to mirror the diagram, which I didn't. The numbering will still work.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Freezer Paper Foundation Piecing

I'm up to date with my Splendid Sampler blocks and I think today's is my favorite so far. This could, of course, be because I love foundation piecing.

I used freezer paper foundation piecing where you don't sew through the paper and therefore have no paper to pick out from between your stitches. Yay!
There's a link in the sidebar or you can click here for the tutorial.