Thursday, August 16, 2007


Love - what makes us human

Life - very precious and very often taken for granted

Levi's - I only look good in actual Levi's if I'm skinny. Fat Plump me prefers Eddie Bauer jeans.

Library - I spend a lot of time putting books on hold at the library. I LOVE having access to a well stocked library system.

Lists - oh lists; without them I would feel lost and out of control. Really. These are my refrigerator lists. The top one is replaced each Monday and reminds me of my daily tasks. The bottom one is the general to do list for times when I feel bored and am looking for a chore to do. Yeah, right.

Laughter - the best medicine. Don't you always feel better after a good laugh?

Laundry - oh how I wish I had a laundry maid...

Lavender - hmmmmmm, wonderful!

Lemons and Limes - there has to be some sour with all the sweet to maintain balance


  1. I have been writing down some of my ideas for letters that are coming up... I had to laugh when I read this entry, because I have plans to use a few of these when I get to "L"! :)

    I love that last photo! It looks so summery!

  2. A laundry maid sounds good. That's my least favorite bit of housework.

  3. I love lists!

    your embroidery is lovely. :)z

  4. Your embroidered LOVE is so sweet, really cute!...and ughh, to laundry :(

  5. I'm so happy to have found your site ~ inspiring! So true about Eddie Bauer jeans...

  6. That's a cute embroidery project. And I need to find those monkey magnets.

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