Sunday, September 2, 2007

TypePad advice please...

I'm considering switching to TypePad and have been playing over there.

I have some questions for all the TypePad bloggers out there:

What level do you subscribe at? It seems that the Basic level does not give you any options for customizing your blog at all.

Is it easy to customize your blog?

Why did you choose TypePad over free sites like Blogger and Wordpress?

Any other advice will be greatly appreciated.


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  1. I have typepad and like it. I am still learning about what it can do, but it seems pretty easy to figure out and use. I have subscribed at the middle rate and am very happy with the service so far..... to be honest, I chose typepad because as I looked at different blogs, I liked the way typepad blogs looked better than the others.

  2. I have never used typepad so I can't really help there. Although I do like wordpress. I am in the process (it is a slow process) of eventually switching my blog over to wordpress and it is a lot better than blogger, in my opinion). People leave comments the same way as on typepad (so you automatically get an email address), and wordpress is free too which is nice (or you can set it up on your own website if you prefer). There are also a decent amount of templates for wordpress blogs out there... Just a little bit of advice, hope it helps. :)

  3. Thanks for asking the question. I'm thinking of using Typepad also so I can't wait to see what people say.

  4. I have no advice, I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your blog is, all sorts of lovely things. The bucket is great.

  5. I've been with Typepad for 2 years. I really like it for its ease of use and ability to customize. I do have the plus level and my dd is the one who helps me make the banner. I picked it originally because all the blogs that I really liked to look at were on Typepad. They were the "pretty" ones. It took me about 12 hours (over several days) to finally understand most of the things you could do with it. I'm not particularly computer literate either. When I have a question I usually ask my daughter! Oh, and leaving comments in Typepad is so much nicer than Blogger. One of my pet peeves with Blogger!

  6. don't know me, but I've been peeking in here for a few days.
    I use Typepad and have found it very easy to use and customize...most things ie....background color, layout, font style and color, etc requires just a simple click....the advanced level even allows you to get into the css sheet and change even more....
    And I actually have a tutorial on my blog that tells you how to customize your sidebar with additional links and pics other than what a Typepad Typelist allows...
    hope this makes sense :)

  7. I'm on the middle level at typepad and I do like it a lot. I don't know much html and I find it easy to navigate most of the time. The customization is pretty fast and simple. Overall, I am happy!

  8. I've been using TyepPad for over a year. I chose the Pro Acco9unt so I could use my own domain name from day 1 and eventually take advantage of their advanced templates when I was comfortable with their code.

    While I'm a huge fan, there are a few things I wish the TypePad system would offer. Details of the features missing mostly affect commercial bloggers, details here:

  9. I just started with Typepad and I went for he Basic level. If you want to host your own domain or schedule/backdate posts, you should opt for the Plus level. The differences between the account levels are outlined here. The support pages are actually feature about Typepad that really made me choose Typepad over any other blogging tool. I had 3 reasons for choosing Typepad:
    1. I need to be able to customize my templates.
    2. I need to be able to display commercial content
    3. I need to find the answers I really need in the support/help section.
    Happy blogging!