Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Actual Wisdom

It's been a while since I've brought you a bit of wisdom from the 1961 version of the "Better Homes & Gardens Decorating Book". Some of you may remember Chapter 1 - "It's your home, what kind do you want?", and Chapter 2 - "facts about color".

Up to now I've been making fun of the concepts in this book. Today I realized that, though very dated, some (I repeat: some) areas of this book hold a little truth. That is definitely the case with Chapter 3.
(As always, clicking on the picture will provide you with something more legible.)

Well, maybe not wallpaper...
...but an inspirational fabric sounds like a good idea.

I think, if updated a little, this could be a stunning room.

This chapter is just full of cool stuff, so I'll have to spread it over more than one post.
Tomorrow, however, I will have some craft to show. I promise. Please don't leave...

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  1. I won't leave! Well actually I will probably wander off to get a few things done and read some other blogs, but I will be back :)

  2. I won't leave. I have some old sewing books that my mom gave me that I laugh about, but I have looked to them as a resource for many sewing questions I have had.
    I can't wait to see your craft!!

  3. I love those old BH&G books. That chapter reads just like an HGTV show. It's the same advice! :)

  4. Sometimes we just have to look at old ideas and realize they are often based on good, solid principles of design. I'm glad you reminded me of this.