Saturday, September 1, 2007

Yesterday's fabric

Some people wanted to know what the fabric was that I had on yesterday's post.

It's Sandy Gervais' "Holly Jolly" for Moda.

I'm now "researching" why email addresses sometimes do not show up in posts, even when people want them to.

I know that for blogger, you have to go to your profile and tick the "show my email address" box. I've heard that this doesn't always work, especially between different blogging sites.

Of course, some bloggers don't want their email addresses showing because they're afraid of getting spammed. What I did was to create an email address that I only use for blogging. You can go to Hotmail, gmail, yahoo mail, etc. and get one for free (but you already know that, I'm sure).

If my email address doesn't show up in my comments on your blog, please let me know. It's part of my "research".

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  1. I commented about the no e-mail problem on my blog today too. My problem should be different than yours though, since you have a blogspot blog. The only blogs that I've heard have problems are the blogspot blogs. Since I switched to wordpress, I haven't had any comments come in that didn't have e-mails with them.

  2. Your email has always shown up on comments that you leave me. Just thought I would let you know. Is mine showing up now? I switched it a few minutes ago... (Hopefully that will make it easier so people don't have to click on my blog to find it at least)

  3. I just happened to come accross your blog along with the archeives. I noticed back in May that you were giving away some patterns. I was wondering if you still have the Pokemon Ash pattern? I have been searching desperatly to find it.
    Thanks - Jolene

    PS I have found your blog very intersting. I am not as crafty as I would like to be so I can really appreciate people who are!!