Thursday, September 13, 2007

Corner of my Home

While I'm binding off the last little piece of "the sweater", I have nothing else to share, so I thought I'd post a couple of photos of the last "redo" we did.

The powder room cabinets were light oak (as are my kitchen cabinets and they're next) and the backsplash and edge of the countertop were oak strips.
I painted the cabinets and distressed them a little by sanding off bits around the edges and rubbing some thinned down wall paint into the cracks.
I tiled the backsplash and mosaic, removed the big old "stuck to the wall" mirror and replaced in with a framed one.
Gavin helped me replace the faucets, light fixture, towel and toilet roll holder, and door knobs.
I repainted the walls.
All in all the little redo cost less than $500. I wish I had a "before" photo because I'm quite amazed at the transformation.

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  1. it's beautiful!

    I have done that in my past few homes...taken down the mirror stuck to the wall and put a framed mirror in it's place. It makes such a huge difference.

  2. Wow Anina, you did a great job! :)

    Pop over to my blog and take a look at this post:
    I've nominated you for a Nice Matters Award.

  3. Bathroom re-dos are the best. You can really make a huge difference with not a great deal of money or time. I really love your tile work. What is the counter top material?

  4. It looks lovely!

    Someday we will no longer live in a rental and I can paint the walls and other lovely such things...

  5. It's beautiful. I am looking forward to the day when I have a place of my own and I can do fun stuff like this.

  6. A lot of hard work but it looks so wonderful. I love the colors you used and the artwork, too.

  7. I NEED to know how you got the "stuck to the wall" mirror off the wall. You did exactly what I want to do with the framed mirror. The dark wood looks fabulous!