Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Use what you have

Ooh, having my sewing machine back is fun!!!

I'm still using what I have, thanks to Katie. Add to that being inspired by Amanda's patchwork obsession posts, fabric still left over from the apron project, and the need to make something for someone (it's a secret, I can't say more), I came up with this yesterday. This tutorial helped a whole lot.

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  1. So pretty and pink. I love Amanda Jean's patchwork posts too.

  2. I love that cute little bag. I want to go use my new sewing machine... or maybe I'm avoiding using it... but I've spent the majority of the day online looking for a project and getting motivated. Now I'm ready for an afternoon nap and a book. But you have my wheels spinning.

  3. So cute! I love the stripey look!

  4. I like it a whole lot - the patchwork stripes are really nice -- and great fabric combo too.

  5. I love this - I'll be checking the tutorial out too.

  6. nice patchwork! it's fun, isn't it? I love the pinks.