Sunday, July 1, 2007

A letter

Good morning everyone,

My mom is taking a little weekend break. I, personally, am very much in favor of resting for 20 hours, then running around like a crazy dog for the other 4.

Mom asked me to remind you that tomorrow will be her 100th post. She has a little givaway planned, so do visit.

Time for another nap.

Pawsitively yours,



  1. thanks for letting me know, sydney!

  2. That doggie face is soooo lovable!!
    I just discovered your site and can really connect with it... will bookmark you. I'm anxious to try the scone recipe tomorrow for breakfast... sounds yummy!! Your gardens are beautiful... mine look horrible after a busy week out of town.

  3. Thanks for filling us in Sydney! (By the way, you are an adorable dog! :)

  4. Syd, you're such a handsome fella! I bet you have all the girls in your neighborhood just wiggling all over when they see you!

    Tell your mom hello from all of us.
    Katie, Sunny, Belle, Daisy, Mackie, Annie and Rosalie (the only cat)