Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nothing much

Yesterday, as all Mondays, was a craftless day. Monday is the day I catch up on everything I let slide by the wayside the rest of the week. I DID finally sew some Velcro onto the bottom of Josh's IKEA duvet cover. He's had it for at least 2 years and the comforter always hangs out the bottom opening like a wet rag. Yesterday was washday and I was NOT going to put that comforter back in there without doing this. Woohoo!

This is what I spent 4 hours doing on Sunday. It's a prototype. I'm not happy with it, therefore no inside photos. I did however figure out how I'll do it next time. It's a holder for my little (very) sharp scissors that always manage to get their sharp point stuck in whatever bag I put them in.

Finish taking out the monster heather bush in the back yard
Take Syd to the groomer
Go buy a beige zipper so I can make a bag
Check Freddies for Strawberry Sunny-D
Fetch Syd from the groomer
Maybe craft a little


  1. Your prototype is very pretty. What a good idea for protecting things and yourself from pointy ended scissors.

  2. I agree, the prototype is pretty...I like the fabric!

  3. That is a cute scissor bag... and a good idea. I love your sense of color choice. You have an eye for putting the right prints/colors together.

  4. I’ll settle for the outside of this ‘prototype’. Lovely fabrics again and a great idea.

  5. I really like that print in the middle. Nice idea too.

  6. it's cute! (I wish I had sharp scissors.)

  7. The prototype looks lovely!

    (You are becoming quite popular! I took a bit of a blog reading break over the weekend, and I come back to read your blog and you have bunches of comments on all your entries! Very cool:)