Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Finally, something crafty

Today I have a crafty item to post, although it's not something I made, I must confess.
This lovely little pincushion arrived in the mail from Kathy. I think I'm going to start a pincushion collection. I just love them so much!

Thank you Kathy, for the lovely gift, and for saving everyone from more blueberries!


  1. beautiful! and with a shim + sons card, no less!

  2. A pincushion collection... great idea! I don't think I'll mention this to my husband. 'Collection' is not one of his favorite words as they've taken over the house. I'm off to etsy.com to see what pincushions are for sale.

  3. So lovely! (A pincushion collection sounds fun:)