Thursday, July 26, 2007

Me too!

Simplicity 3887 is a bona fide blogger favorite. I am amazed at the wonderful interpretations given to this pattern by bloggers. Check out Amy's, Julie's (scroll down), Mary's, and Lucy's versions!
Of course, typical to me, this very simple process did not go off without any hitches. I used a very pretty eyelet fabric from JoAnn's. I don't really like elastic around my fat muscular upper arms, so I made version E, but without the bottom elastic. I think my fabric was a little stiff, because when all was said and done, the sleeves looked like mumu sleeves. Really old-ladyish. Really!
So I unpicked the sleeve seams and put elastic in. It's not too tight, so I kind of like it.
Because this top is very flowy, I'm considering making the belt, which would turn it completely into version C (although I did chop some of the length off).
If I make it without the belt again, I think I'll shape the waist a little to make it less "baggy".
I made it in size 14, and it's kind of big, so I think I may go down to size 12 next time. (For non-clothes makers, these are not American sizes. A 12, for instance is for a 34" bust and 26" waist. It kind of scared me the first time I bought a pattern...)
And I think putting elastic in the bottom, a la version E, would actually look rather nice.

Bottom line: in spite of the long, grumbling essay above, I really like this pattern.
I have some fabric lined up, and may make another one today.

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  1. Oh, I love your version! Thay eyelet is perfect!

  2. give yourself some love and brag about your feature on Today's Creative Blog! :)

  3. Oh I love it with the eyelet. I made this top two weeks ago in some gauze material. I loved it so much that I have another fabric already cut out in this pattern. It's just waiting for me to have a spare hour or two to sew it up.

  4. Dear Muscular Arms,
    I think it's really cute! And I loved reading your discription of the creating process. You made me laugh out loud.

  5. it's lovely! I like the color a lot.

  6. Too cute! And I hate how patterns are sized. If somebody would start making patterns that matched American sizes, I would buy nothing else. Especially if they were a little 'kind' with the sizing. Hey, that's how Express became the sole provider of my jeans!

  7. Really cute. The eyelet is sweet but the color keeps it from being too sweet. Nice job.

  8. Thank you for sharing... I'm so excited to see how Rhonda's turns out this weekend!

    You guys are making me want to sew again! I am a pear shaped apple (bigger in the tummy than the shoulders... ready to wear looks frumpy on me.)

    Do you have any hints for fitting on yourself. If I follow the pattern, it ends up way big. If I go by the way I feel, it is to small!!!

    I will be back to surf your blog for more info... I am off to fix lunch and head to my friends pool for some rest and water exercising!

  9. I really like this top! I think I may go ahead and try this. I have been hesitating about getting any top patterns after the last very disappointing one, but this one looks like it might work.

  10. i love that blue eyelet! so cute!

  11. I love this blouse! but I got a few questions. is the neckline an enclosed seem or raw edges? (I don't want an itchy neckline) and I usually stay away from Simplicity due to errors or assumptions that I know what I am doing. Was the pattern easy to read?

  12. Ok, but didn't you find that the neck is HUGE on this thing? I made a long-sleeve version of it and have to wear a tank top underneath it so I don't expose myself accidentally whilst leaning over... (: