Friday, January 11, 2019

Temperature Quilt Along - Week 2

It's the second Friday of 2019! I can already tell this year is going to fly by way too quickly.

As seems to be the case in many places, it's been unseasonably warm in Iowa. I have a whole bunch of pretty purples I'm aching to use, but it may not happen until the end of the year.

Here are my blocks for January 4-10:

And all sewn together!

I've had a little change of heart regarding my layout. I was going to go left-to-right and row-by-row like reading a book, but after some deliberation, I think I am now going "snaky".

Yesterday I spend a little (OK, more than a little) time making a video showing how I make my appliquéd circles. It includes sharing all the tools I use.

You can find the video over here or in the sidebar.
I've also added a couple of little starter kits to the Etsy store if you're interested.

Now, let's share!
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  1. I've tried to link up, but it's a different format than I'm used to seeing

    1. They've changed everything up and it's really annoying. I'm trying to find a better solution but, other than Instagram, I'm not quite sure how to help everyone share.

    2. I am no longer about to link on Chrome, but I can on Explorer. I think it's to reduce spam, but it's annoying because Explorer doesn't keep a history so you have to upload every link each time.

    3. Very annoying. I'm probably not going to include these on future posts.

  2. No problem, Instagram is great! I have sent people over to you from my blog :)

  3. I try to link up this way....

    Love all these differenses. Greetings from the Netherlands ( please use a translater program to read my Dutch...)

  4. Hoi Connie! Mijn man is Nederlands! Zijn familie is en Noord-Brabant. En mijn Nederlands is niet zo goed! :-)