Wednesday, January 6, 2010

With love from me...

There sure seems to be a lot of love floating around in quiltland right now.

This arrived in my mail box yesterday.
Kellie Wulfsohn's latest Don't Look Now pattern, called "With love from me...".

Although the pattern was designed with Christmas in mind (hence the holly leaves), Kellie has included an alternate leaf shape with the pattern to make it more occasion-neutral.  Wow, I think I just created a new word!
I was thinking how cute it would be if you replaced the ornaments with hearts.

The pattern also serves as a full sized layout diagram, making it so much easier to place the applique shapes.
The applique itself is simple fused, raw-edge applique.  Should be a breeze.
Maybe I will tackle it...
Note to self:  "You were going to be organized this year.  Finish what you have.  Don't start any new projects!"

I SO wish I had time to make all these wonderful projects!


  1. I'll be your enabler and say, you should make it;-) It's sooooo pretty!

  2. ahhhhh....I just died and went to girly girl heaven!

  3. This is beautiful! I wish I had time to make it too!! WOW! I really need to stay off the computer and craft instead. :)

  4. occasion-neutral.
    ♥ it.

    ♥ this quilty too.
    such a fun patten.
    VERY kellie.

  5. You can never have too many projects going on at one time. So go for it!! I love this pattern :o)

  6. I wish something beautiful like that would arrive at my door too! I love those pinwheel flowers, and the cute little birds too. Amazing work of art!

  7. It's small, won't take long and then you will have a finished project...I say tackle it!

  8. Wow - this is beautiful. Of course you have to do it.

  9. This is VERY beautiful. I would love to have this pattern, have ot look for it.

  10. Wow that is gorgeous! Maybe in the spirit of being organized, you should finish the projects you have and then start this one :)

  11. "Finish what you have. Don't start any new projects!"

    SO much easier said than done! Good luck with that one!