Saturday, January 16, 2010

Perfectly Pink

In less than five hours total.
My first finish for 2010.

If you like it, I've added some kits to the store.
They're only $12.50 each and there's still plenty of time to get one of these done before Valentine's Day.
(Free instructions for making this runner is still available over here.)

It also struck me that, with three of these kits, you could make the cutest little girl quilt in the style of this quilt. I would make 9" wide sections which, finished, would give you six 8"-ish strips, so a quilt of about 48" x 54". Perfect!
If you do decide to do this, leave me a comment when you order and I'll cut the fabric continuously.

(Don't forget that the whole Sent with Love line is still 20% off until Valentine's Day.)


  1. I love this! The colors are so fun. I keep meaning to make a runner using this pattern, but haven't done one yet. But if I could do it in 5 hours, I might just have to get going on one.

  2. Very cute! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. wow that turned out great! I just might have to do some small things like these to use up my many scraps that I have.

  4. Whooosh that was quick! Looks wonderful!

  5. Too cute! Great timing on this project. I'm usually thinking about making a project for a holiday the very week of the holiday. I love having themed table runners on our buffet in our living room.

  6. Oh so cute! I may have to try this.

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  8. Congrats for your first finish of the year, and for making your deadline!!! It looks awesome! :) I can't believe you did it all in 5 hours too. Wow!

  9. how quick and cute is that?! Just in time for Valentines too- even a bit early. You go girl! Great start for the new year. yay!