Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 Completed Projects

Definitely not nearly as many as I had hoped.
May 2010 be more productive.
Completed Projects - 2009
1. Wild Thing
2. Little Gems
3. Virtual Quilting Bee Quilt
4. Sweet Hearts
5. Slippery Runner
6. Embossed Leaves Socks
7. "Ugly" Apron
8. Ruffle Wristlet
9. Spring Fling
10. Friendship Bag x 2


  1. Wow what a fantastic acheivement 10 completed... wow... as well as maybe 252 loads of washing thats if you do 5 a week, 52 baskets of ironing, 1089 meals made and dishes done.... 365 times you made your bed... maybe minus a few... he he... I think you did well... pat yourself on the back...
    Hugs Dawn x x

  2. Wow you were one busy lady! I remember them all and they are all equally lovely! Job well done, onto 2010!

  3. Still love Spring Fling! Good job! I'm rocking the wonky squares on my blog too.

  4. That is a wonderful recap. You accomplished a lot last year! My favorite is the Little Gems quilt, which I'm hoping to make this year. Don't forget you organized the most awesome 3by3 swap, which is on my 2010 list to finish. AND, you cleaned your house like a man woman.

  5. You do such beautiful work, Anina! And it looks to me like you were plenty productive-- especially considering you've been busy with a new business (no small task!). You should be feeling really proud. :)

  6. It's not the number that counts! And it's not like you didn't do LOTS of other things in 2009! Enjoy 2010.

  7. Wow, you made some beautiful things this year!

  8. Remember, it's "quality not quantity." I really like your Little Gems quilt. I'd like to get around to making one like it.