Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In the evenings

In the evening when everyone's at home I don't like to be up in my sewing room being anti-social. I always have a little project I can do while chatting or watching listening to the TV.

I've spent a lot of time working on Granny's Flower Garden but I'm kind of burnt out on her.

Back in December 2007 (wow!) I posted about the new cross stitch project I had started.

It's a companion piece for this one. (Click on the link for more photos.)

Unfortunately it's quite dark in our family room and there was no way I could work on it at night (and I definitely don't have time during the day). It just sat there languishing.
Then, this past Christmas, Santa brought me this lamp. Hallelujah! I could see!
Hopefully this one will join its friend on the wall this Christmas.
Christmas Cross Stitch


  1. These are lovely cross stitch works! I used to love doing cross stitch projects, but with slight arthritis in my hands, I had to limit my hand crafts! Thankfully, my sister still does it.

  2. I understand your reluctance to be in your sewing room when everyone else is being social.

    I love doing handwork.

    Your work is lovely and I'm sure you'll enjoy having this up during the holidays!

  3. I need one of those lights! I'm glad to know they exist!

    Your projects are gorgeous and I can't imagine the amount of work that has gone into them. I came to your blog because of your Granny quilt, but I'm glad you're in my feed reader now.

    Really pretty stuff!

  4. Oh, you've inspired me. I have a cross stitch that I have been working on (I use that phrase loosely) for...oh, let's see...six years. Yes, six years. Wow, I didn't realize it had been that long until just now. Every year I make it a goal to finish it. Every year my husband teases me about it (he picked it out). Okay. This is the year. Time to dust it off.

  5. I love huge cross stitch patterns! although I've only really had one before and it's still not done

  6. I have that Santa, my mom finished it for me a very long time ago, I still need to get it framed. I do have the red one framed, he hangs in my den all year round. There was a green one too, but they never came out with a pattern for it.

  7. I'm the same way-- I really prefer hanging out in the family room with my husband, rather than hiding away upstairs in the sewing room all by myself. So hand projects are awesome! Your first Santa is beautiful-- this one will be a perfect companion when you finish. :)

  8. One cross stitch that big, but two of them just blows me away. I don't care how long it takes someone to do them - AMAZING! I can see why you smile each time you look at it.

  9. It's beautiful Anina! It's so fun to see cross-stitch coming back. Maybe someday I'll drag out some of the pretty sampler kits that have been patiently waiting for me!

  10. I just love cross stitching I need to get back to my UFO for my daughter's bathroom she is asking about it every chance she gets.

  11. wow, that is looking great! i knit in front of the tv at night. or bind quilts. the quilts always get finished too fast for my taste. such problems i have, huh?

  12. sure is alot of work in that cross stitch. it looks great. do you ever rest?