Friday, March 14, 2008

There she is....

...Miss America!

Jo has arrived and has already earned her keep by quilting 3 pillow cover tops.
She is amazing! I don't know how I lasted this long with Bernie. No offense to her. She was born before machine quilting was even a twinkle in anyone's eye, and really did well considering that fact.
All I can say about Jo is, "WOW!".
While I had the tripod up in the workroom I thought I'd take a couple of photos.
I have received questions about how I manage to be such a quick responder to comments and emails. Well... sewing machine and my computer are practically attached at the hip.
A parting shot - my so-called inspiration board. There's clearly not much inspiration going on around here at the moment.

Have great weekend everyone! (I'll be quilting)


  1. There is some major envy over here!! I wish I could come play in your room. It looks so lovely!

    Have fun with the new machine. It looks wonderful!

  2. Hummm...I'm looking closely at that inspiration wall and I believe I see plans for TWO Dear Jane quilts!!!

    What gives?

  3. Man oh's beautiful! Happy National Quilting Day...give Jo a pat from all of us!

  4. You lucky, lucky girl :) As I was pulling up your blog on my laptop, I had Martha on the tv & she was featuring a designer Narcisco Rodriguez. Well, he was showing his design process & guess what all of his machines were....yep...Jo's sisters! She's a beauty, now go have a ton of fun.

  5. she is a beauty! so glad that you are enjoying Jo. :) I read your comment over on sew mama sew, and I am so happy to hear that you like the JUKI.

    I am giddy for you!!! I really am!!!

  6. Well...WELCOME to JO...I know you are loving having her around...not to say that you love her more than Bernie...just in a different way...Right? Love your inspiration board and your whole set-up in your "creative place"...I want a similar set-up for my new included!


  7. Congratulations to you and Jo! It will be exciting to see all your finished projects!

  8. a new sewing machine, what a treat! I would love to try a real quilting machine too, I loooove the look of qulilted fabric!

  9. Wow! She is a beauty. I hope that you get lots of time to spend with her this weekend.

  10. I just ran across your blog today- i love it!

  11. Great craft room! The machine is beautifull.

  12. Oh dear Juki. At one of my many jobs I operated a Juki buttonhole machine. I even have a nickname, still in use by some,from that time: Juli-Sue! Good thing I didn't include that in my blog's name.

  13. What a great machine! Congratulations!
    Could you give me her reference, please? I would like to buy a new sewing machine that can quilt!
    Thank you.