Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm in SO much trouble

What did you do yesterday?
I myself went out and spent a LOT of money. Most of it was on groceries but it included a trip to Costco (we all know how that turns out) and a trip to Trader Joe's (where things just randomly hop into my cart).

And...the local fabric store is closing down (big bummer!) and everything's on sale. When I got to the cutting table, I said "A yard of everything in the store please" and the cutting lady said, "Sure, come back at 4 and I'll have it all ready". Wouldn't that be great?

American Jane Potluck Dot in lime

and red

More from Moda

Modern Grace which may make a nice little summer frock

and even more

Some of this is part of my plan for my quilt-a-long quilt.

Did I mention that we're being frugal this year? I suppose I'm done shopping for the year then...


  1. ohmigoodness. You are making me sooo jealous! I love that american jane fabric. I almost wish I had a fabric store closing near me! Was it a big sale? Now you've got me wanting to by some more fabric.

  2. Which store is closing? I get panicky when stores close--I'm afraid that one day I'll have to drive all the way to Portland to get fabric.

  3. If it makes you feel better you probably could use some of those in the square for my quilting bee quilt. :)

  4. hee - I went to Purl Soho yesterday, because it was 2 blocks away from where I was picking up the stroller that was being repaired.


  5. Oh my. When our local wal-mart decided to close their fabric department that was an expensive day. I did the same, a yard of everything. I have quite the stash, unorganized, but someday. I also have a box of different shaped squares that my grandma cut in the 70's that I'm trying to decide what to do with, the box probably weighs 8 pounds, it has moved with me 4 times.

    Have fun with all the new fabric. I'm saving some money to buy some of the City Girl fabric by Benartex, I just love the colors!!

  6. I gotta tell you, for some reason the word frugal makes me want to spend money... I really want to go spend ALOT of money on fabric right now... enjoy it!

  7. those top two fabrics are so incredibly wonderful....are they 4 prints on one panel?

  8. Wow, lucky you. Those are some beautiful fabrics!

  9. Maybe I should feel lucky that I don't have a cheap quilt store in the neighborhood?! No, just kidding. You bought some wonderful fabrics, can't wait to see how you are going to use them in your sampler quilt.

  10. Love the green and white with the numbers on - that's your year's allowance then eh?

  11. which store is closing?!?! I need to get some of those top two fabrics. They're absolutely awesome!

  12. I love all the fabrics you purchased...and YES I would be in trouble, too...with just these two words...Fabric & oh man...I would want to buy it worries me too when fabric stores start closing...we have had one big chain close here...and I am fearful now that good fabrics are going to be hard to find w/o having to pay an arm and leg for them.

    Thanks for sharing your stash...


  13. Could I ask what store is closing? I think I live in your neck of the woods. - Holly

    holly (at) themoefamily (dot) net