Thursday, January 17, 2008

Doubly Fetching

Pattern: Fetching from
Yarn: Cascade 220

So you're thinking, "When are we going to see anything fun on this blog again?"
Here's my excuse:
Yesterday, as you may remember, was errand day.
I made a wonderful list of fabrics and yardages needed.
I went to the store (15 miles away, by the way).
I whipped out my list.
I realized I didn't bring any of the fabrics I had to match.
I went home.
No fabrics, no cool projects.

Because I'm using stash fabric for this, I could make the quilt-a-long block.

Let's see who knows what this traditional quilt block is called...


  1. Everything looks great. I also like your new header. Better luck next time on your fabric shopping. I usually get there and realize I left a coupon on the kitchen counter, that stinks too.

  2. Such a slacker, and forgetful too? Of course I'm kidding. I'd be lucky if I remembered the list.

  3. What’s not funny about this post? I see all the fun you had making the fingerless .. things and the wonderful block.
    I’ve tried to understand the pattern for the fingerless ..things. I can follow English quilt jargon now, but knitting patterns, my dear I don’t have a clue. Did you knit the fingerless ..things with 4 or 5 needles? Wearing one?

  4. Love the fingerless mitts. They look cozy and warm. Churn Dash or Hole in the Barn Door.

  5. churn dash...churn dash....churndash!


    LOVE the mitts. so much. I have been toying with the idea of trying to make a pair, but then reality sets in. I can barely knit.
    I am surprised that you didn't make them in pink. hee hee

  6. Love the mittens. I've seen so many of that on the net, tempted to do some too!