Monday, January 28, 2008

The view out the window

"The snow may fall but I don't mind at all because you keep me winter warm
It's cold and wet but I won't get upset - with you I'm always winter warm...

...It's ten below and there's no place to go so we'll just stay here winter warm
A fireplace and locked in your embrace I know that I'll be winter warm

The skies are grey but I'm not feeling blue in spite of never seeing such a storm
As long as I keep holding on to you I know that I'll be winter warm"

(Lyrics from the song in the new Jeep ad on TV, composed by John Cacavas, who also composed many of the James Bond movie theme songs.)


  1. Wonderful lyrics and wonderful snow!! Enjoy being winter warm!

  2. Beautiful photo and just the right theme song!

  3. That pic is crazy! The snow and the lemons crack me up! I love snow....none here in Texas!!

    Stay warm!

  4. What a great photo and view out your window! Stay warm and toasty!