Friday, January 25, 2008


The "secret" Aran project is blocked. My blocking techniques leave much to be desired, but I'm hopeful that the end product will turn out OK.
In the spirit of secret projects, something else I'm working on.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
(Do you sometimes type a common word and it suddenly looks really weird? I actually had to check the spelling of "secret". It looks strange this morning...)

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  1. That happens to me all the time with words. I see something valentine-y!

  2. I have to check every word I type in English. No kidding, I always type carft and scraf, while I mean crfta and srfac. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. The older I get the more common that problem is...

    And secrets...what's this about secrets...and you didn't tell us...not fair! I'll keep your secret I promise! No worries...really!

    Have a blessed and productive weekend...


  4. That happens to me all the time, strange how that happens.

  5. you and your secrets!!! you are such a tease. :) I see something valentine-y too. it looks oh so cute.

  6. It happens to me a lot lately. I have to read every sentence I write three times to see if I have written what I wanted to write. I guess I'm getting old...

  7. Looks like felt-y goodness. And that spelling thing happens to me all the time.

  8. I agree on words suddenly looking odd - the word 'does' always throws me - such are the vagaries of the English language! The felt heart on the next posting is sweet