Monday, April 9, 2007

Ready to quilt

The Spice Market Quilt fabrics have been ironed and are ready to be cut! The different fabrics hanging over the wall look like jewels. I can't wait to get my scissors into them...

Over the weekend I received my "Happy Penny Award" from Penny. I used her pattern to make Sydney some collar covers (here and here), and she thanked me by sending me this beautiful porcelain brooch designed and made by her. Thank you Penny!

This is the "Sewing Lady". If you'd like to know more about Penny's creations, visit her studio web site.

On Saturday I went to my first drawing class at the local community college. We didn't do much drawing but have been instructed to draw as much as possible. I certainly need the practice. Here's one of my attempts...

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  1. The fabric looks wonderful! Can't wait to see how your quilt turns out.

  2. Wath a nice pattern you have chosen!

  3. I love your drawing. How fun to take a class! That's something I'd love to do sometime in the near future. I also love those fabrics. I need to stop reading other people blogs so I don't feel the need to keep buying fabric!