Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ripple dilemma and other stuff

Ripple fever has finally caught up with me. I figured that, since I have all this "old", not very good yarn in my yarn box, rather than donate it or throw it away, I might as well make something useful out of it. I don't think the powers that be actually wanted me to take up rippling though. After trying 3 different free patterns and unpicking all of them, I finally found this one. It's easy and simple and quick and many ripplers seem to be using it.

Pretty, right?
Now for the big dilemma...
The idea was to use up the leftover yarn in the box - NOT buy new yarn. Of course, I instictively chose to start with colors that go together. And it looks rather nice. So how can I now bring myself to add this to my beautiful afghan?

Ponder, ponder, ponder...

On a less confused note...
I finished the Tiramisu blanket.

And at a friend's house yesterday I was blown away by all the loveliness.

(The garden photos were taken using "Little Bit" and she's clearly not as talented as "Big Black", but she fits in my purse.)

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  1. the ripple is pretty...i cant seem to do a ripple..i have tried and tried, some how i just cant get it..
    i love that beautiful pink tree, thats so pretty...

  2. Lulu have you tried the SusanB pattern? It's really easy and I saw your blog - you're a GREAT crochet'er.

  3. The tiramisu blanket is gorgeous! I may have to add that pattern to my list of patterns to someday try!
    Your ripple afghan seems to be coming along nicely, too. If you don't want to use the colors you have, maybe you can find someone to swap with that has yarn that you like better. Just a thought.

  4. I love your tiramisu blanket! So pretty!! What kind of fibre is it??

  5. Good idea, Linda. I started just crocheting in the other colors and it actually doesn't look too bad so far...

    The yarn is called Dolcetto. It's a "Jo-Ann exclusive" from the "Bellezza Collection". It seems like Jo-ann's is getting all uppity these days...
    It's 54% wool. 24%nylon, and 22% cotton.

  6. good luck on your ripple blanket! crochet is great for relaxing in front of the TV. I just started within the last year and enjoy it so much. (because I didn't have enough hobbies going already. Just ask my husband!)

    your tiramisu blanket turned out great!

  7. I love the tiramisu blanket. Try the stripe generator. You probably have to do a google search for it. But that way you can play around with all the colors!