Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Everybody, meet Stevie

Stevie is the little sister of Steve, from this book by Denyse Schmidt...

...which I got from the library after seeing Amanda's wonderful creations.

Stevie has issues.

According to the instructions, the pattern pieces should be enlarged by 250%. That is too big for the letter size paper on my printer and I was definitely not in the mood to drag myself down to the copy shop. The biggest I could go was 220%. Great!
The arms and legs are cut from rectangular pieces of fabric, the size of which is in the instructions (assuming 250% enlargement of the pattern). Using my superior math skills, I reduced the numbers by "-250%" and then multiplied the result by 2.2 to give me 220%. Or so I thought...

Suffice it to say that Stevie has VERY skinny arms and legs...

...but I love her anyway.

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  1. oh, she is cute!

    I thought if I were going to use any of the pattern templates I might just as well go to kinkos and have them enlarge them for me....so I don't have the hassle. (I will probably just wing it, instead)

    nice job on your new creation. love the eyes.

  2. She is very cute. Maybe she's a softie who works out?

  3. She's cute! I think I need to find that book somewhere. I don't think my library carries it.

  4. I love that book, I made a bunch of Christmas gifts out of it but didn't take one pic!!! Stevie is so very cute, the enlarging issue is a pain. This way you made her your own.

  5. Stevie doesn't seem to mind, she's a very happy looking cat!