Monday, April 23, 2007

Bowl Addiction

OK, OK, I know Easter is long gone, but...'s never too early to prepare for next year, is it?
We were at Uwajimaya, an Asian supermarket well known to all in the Northwest, buying ingredients for Gavin's wonderful red curry (one day I'll get the recipe out of his brain...), and I saw these.
I have to confess something here: I have a slight (OK, maybe not so slight) bowl addiction. I can not pass up a cute bowl. And these were VERY cute, so I had to have them.

While I'm on the subject...

I LOVE bowls!

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  1. Of course you did Anina! They are so precious and fun! I'm happy that you got them! Pretty pictures too!

  2. Oh those are great!!! I too am totally lala for bowls!!

  3. Perfectly understandable addiction - those bowls are irresistable!

    PS Meant to say last friday how yummy your pretty pistachio blankie is!

  4. Well I'd have a bowl addiction too if I found bowls like those!

  5. those are all such cute bowls..i love bowls also, along with mugs..

  6. scissorspaperglueApril 27, 2007 at 2:21 PM

    I can't pass up cute bowls like that either. great find!

  7. I know the feeling...Uwajimaya, my favorite store...But next time you're in Seattle, go to Daiso. It's in the Westlake Mall of all places, in the basement. It's like Uwajimaya's housewares department only bigger and WAAAAAY cheaper...Cute Bowl Central...My little sister turned me on to if I only lived 2000 miles closer...