Thursday, March 15, 2007

Yay, it's done!

The log cabin quilt top is done. Making it was a breeze compared to the nightmare it was to get halfway decent photos of a quilt top with that much contrast. Contrast: great for quilts, bad for cameras. It's kind of like taking photos in the glaring sunlight. Hard.

Now just some sandwiching, quilting, and binding and I'll have a new treasure for my collection.

I tried making a heart yo-yo from this wonderful tutorial yesterday with less success. I think my basting stitches were a little small and my choice of fabric questionable. Better luck next time, I suppose.


  1. Cool quilt!! Log cabins are great, hey? One of my favourite patterns. Love your little heart yoyo - I haven't seen those before. I used to have some of that fabric :)

  2. your log cabin looks great! do you hand quilt or machine quilt?

  3. I think your Heart YoYo looks great! That little heart-shaped button is terrific! Thanks for linking to my blog. I'm absolutely DE-lighted that folks are enjoying my free Heart YoYo pattern!