Thursday, March 8, 2007

Off to the city...

Today we were off to the city to go have a look at the Contemporary Quilt Art Association's exhibit at the Convention Center. Two of my very talented friends from quilt group are exhibiting. The quilts were beautiful and very inspirational. Check them out here, here, and here.

After filling our souls we headed down to Pike Place Market for some awesome salmon sandwiches to fill our empty tummies. Yummy!

It was cold down by the water. I'm SO ready for summer.

I'm also working on a little cross stitch project. The plan was to have something to do in front of the TV other than eating, but it's REALLY hard to count stitches and watch TV at the same time... Well, only a couple of backstitches to do and it'll be finished. I think I might hang it in my studio - the only pink place in my house. (no girls in this house, unless you count the kittycats and my baby Syd)

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