Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Make an Easter card today

This is what I'm doing for Easter cards this year. Since I've had a lot of interest from people about my little flower card, I decided to post some easy instructions for an Easter card.

scraps of fabric for bunny and “grass”
1 card blank
white card stock
colored or patterned paper for mat
1 button for bunny tail
sewing machine
very sharp scissors
needle and thread

1. Cut a 3 ½” x 4 ¾” rectangle out of white card stock.
2. Cut a 4” x 5 ¼” rectangle out of colored paper.
3. Click on the bunny template to show it full size, print it (I recommend that you use card stock for durability and ease of tracing), and cut it out.

4. Trace bunny shape onto back of fabric and cut out using sharp scissors.
5. Cut a 2” x 4 ½” rectangle out of grass fabric. Use scissors to cut waves along one long edge.
You should now have this:

6. Position bunny on white card stock rectangle using photo of card as a guide. Temporarily adhere it to the card stock using a non-tacky glue to avoid slipping while sewing. I like Zig 2-way glue or a glue stick.
7. Set sewing machine so that needle will stay in the fabric when you stop sewing. Carefully sew bunny to card stock about 1/8” from the fabric edge, raising pressure foot and turning fabric when needed. Pull thread ends to back, knot together and clip.

8. Position “grass” on card stock using photo as a guide and temporarily adhere it (see 6.). Don’t worry about the edges sticking over the ends – they will be trimmed later. Sew 1/8” from the top edge of fabric, following the wavy edge.
9. Using a rotary cutter and ruler (or scissors if you don’t have one), trim the fabric level with the edges of the card stock.

10. Position and sew button on bunny.
11. Center bunny card on colored paper rectangle and temporarily glue together. Wait a couple of minutes for glue to dry before proceeding or paper might move while you stitch.
12. Sew along edge of white card stock a scant ¼ “ from edge through both layers of paper. Pull threads to the back, knot, and clip.

13. Adhere completed bunny sheet to front of card using strong glue or double sided tape.
14. Write a message inside and mail it to someone special. (I preprinted my cards with the message “Wishing you a “Hoppy” Easter”).