Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What is that blinding light?

What is that blinding light coming through my window? It stirs a vague memory in the recesses of my brain. Could it be the sun?

It feels like spring! I'm about to go play outside but wanted to give everyone an update on the log cabin quilt.

The blocks have been assembled. I'm in the auditioning process for borders. Seeing that I'm only using stash fabric, this is proving quite challenging. And getting a good photo is even worse. Any suggestions on photography?


  1. Hi Anina! Nice to meet you - thanks for the link. Love your log cabin quilt and the scrapbook you did for your sons coach is great!

  2. Hey cool!! I'm your first subscriber. And I meant to say what totally awesome curtains you have :)

  3. ug, photography can be so challenging (at least for me!), so I have no tips.
    good luck on the borders for your quilt....using only fabrics out of the stash is interesting, isn't it???