Friday, March 9, 2007

I love Staples!

Yes, Staples, the office supply store.

Today's writing was going to be about the wonderful quiche I made for dinner last night and my partial envy of 19th century Chinese wives, but it is not to be...

Long story short, I'm making a scrapbook as an end-of-season gift for Josh's soccer coach. It's an 8x8 album (at the time I thought it was a "cute" size). Each player wrote the coach a thank you note and I created a digital page for each one.

Today was printing time. I called around - cheapest place that can print 8x10's instantly: Walgreens: 2 for $5. Off I go. Big problem! Walgreens' computer enlarges my 8x8 pages to fit on the page, which means that large bits get cropped off the sides. This won't work. Off to Kinko's. They charge $5 per sheet. I had 20 pages. For that, I figured, I could buy a photo printer and print them myself.

So, off to Staples I go. I explain my predicament to the salesperson and ask for advice on the best printer for the job at the cheapest price. "Why don't you see if our copy center can do this for you?", he asks. Voila! Lovely prints on archival photo paper for $1.09 each!

I LOVE Staples!

The scrapbook turned out great! I even made a little envelope for the original letters from the boys.


  1. well done! that is a thoughtful gift...I am sure that it will be much appreciated.

  2. Thanks! Apparently it went down well. I wasn't there when it was handed over.