Sunday, July 15, 2012


I've finished quilting the center of the challenge quilt.  Did I mention this should be in the mail by tonight?
I may not enter it though.  Not sure it's up to snuff for judging.  Not sure I care.

I now have all the little thread ends to get rid of.  Lots of them.  Thank goodness the quilt is only 24" x 24"!
Challenge Quilt

Challenge Quilt
On to the borders.


  1. Yeah, I'm a thread-tucker too. I can't help but shudder every time somebody says to just take tiny stitches (or worse - backstitch) and then snip it off. I've had too many things in the past done that way that ravel away in the wash or even just with wear. Besides it distracting me aesthetically. Far, far better to put on a movie, grab a needle, and tuck away!