Sunday, July 1, 2012


This is a challenge quilt. It involves using a specific fabric in a project.
A specific fabric I'm REALLY not very fond of, but I love a challenge.
If the judges like my little quilt it could become part of something very exciting.
Log Cabins
Stay tuned.

(BTW, when you buy fabric online, how much shipping do you expect to pay for half a yard? I need more of the challenge fabric, but can't find an online store that will ship half a yard for less than $5! Seeing that I ship it for $1.85, I'm a little shocked.)


  1. Very pretty, and it's given me an idea for how to use a particular green fabric that I was mistakenly sent recently instead of what I'd ordered... On that occasion the company was about to cease trading and refused to either refund or replace! There are some occasions when any postage is too much, if it's the wrong item...

  2. I am not a fan of shipping rates that are not ACTUAL. So frustrating. Hope you win the challenge!

  3. I would think $2 would be as much as i would pay for shipping half yard. that is so frustrating!!
    what is the green? maybe its in my stash just waiting to be mailed to you?

  4. Agree Anina that a lot of places charge way too much for small packages. I just check to see if its worth it if I need something.

  5. I love the pink and the green!! I agree about the shipping charges. They sometimes say, it is shipping and handling. I feel that they "over charge" so they get more profit! I wish more people would just charge the real cost! Postage is so high as it is. Good luck!

  6. I prefer to pay the actual postage rate. $5 for a half yard? That's the cost of the fabric itself most likely! Seems kinda pricey for shipping. Is it a flat rate... meaning maybe you could get more fabric added to your order for that price. At least then the s&h would seem more worth it.

  7. I think they want you to buy more as the cost of shipping usually drops the more you buy. I don't know how much is normal really. But I love that green and pink. It kind of reminds me of watermelons, don't you think? Pretty in my opinion!