Tuesday, July 10, 2012


...are there only 24 hours in a day?

A week or so ago, my travels on the internet led me to order 200 skeins of DMC embroidery floss on eBay. I was planning to resell them on Etsy, but...

I have always wanted to own ALL the colors.

DMC Embroidery Floss
So I'm keeping them.

Having made that decision, I hopped on over to Pinterest for flossy inspiration.

from Kristen's Fabric Art on Flickr

You can buy this pattern on Etsy (and I just may).

In the mean time I have a deadline for the Challenge Quilt, a really messy house, a really weedy garden, a store to run, and multitudes of WIPs.

What is girl to do?


  1. Oh my, I have thread envy! I taught my seven year old daughter how to make friendship bracelets at the weekend and she's devouring my threads box steadily.
    Isn't Pinterest fab? All that inspiration, so little time - in fact why are there only 24 hours in a day?!?

  2. Aren't the threads beautiful! I had a whole collection, but my daughter has acquired them. Now, I have a huge collection of machine embroidery thread. I am always afraid that i won't have just the right one on hand.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  3. That is my problem. I want to get rid of my stuff.....I just can't!


  4. Just remember to breathe!

    I too have always wanted to own all the colours but have never been able to justify it since I don't use embroidery thread all that much lately. I think my love of completeness, order and graduated colour probably is the root of it rather than a desire to go hog-wild with cross-stitching.... Still - Jealous. :-)

  5. Hee hee hee hee. I SO relate to you! The list of projects in my head is even longer than the ones I've already started. And my garden is pretty weedy too. ;)

  6. There's only one logical option - give up sleep! I'm almost at that point, too. too many things I need/want to do, and just not enough time!

  7. LOL! that reminds me of when I scored the 64-box of crayola crayons. I used to take them all out and play with the brand clean crayons. Then I'd colorize them in order and put them back in the box.

  8. Oh! I'm so jealous! :-) Actually, I'd probably just admire them and never want to use them up.