Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Finish #6

Well, kind of.
#4 was a multiple item project but I'm only counting it as one.

My little challenge quilt is in the mail today to hopefully arrive at its destination by Friday. Nothing is as much fun as cutting it really close...
Challenge Quilt

I'm a little hesitant to show my quilting up close.
Challenge Quilt

Love how the prairie points turned out though. Challenge Quilt
Acceptance letters go out at the end of August. If I don't get one, I'll have this little one back in my hands by the end of September, all ready to go into our local guild's quilt show where they love EVERYTHING any member makes.

A big thank you to my friends who convinced me to send it in after all. If I hadn't I would always have wondered. Now it's just a waiting game.

Edited on 9/13/12 to add: She won first place - "Pieced - Best First Time Entry" in the Hoffman Challenge!


  1. Beautiful finish! Your quilting is great. Good luck!

  2. finished already! you must be glad for a finish.

  3. I absolutely LOVE this quilt! The colors are wonderful. I hope you don't mind that I pinned it for inspiration.

  4. I love this! Pink + green + prairie points? There is nothing but goodness here. And the design is so striking. Beautiful work, Anina! :)

  5. I love this quilt & what you did with the log cabins! So cute!