Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 - The Year of Nothing

I fondly remember the time long, long ago when I was prolific.
Then I became a little less so.
And a little less.
And then there was 2011. Same number of projects as in 2010.  Just MUCH smaller.

1. Garden Tea Party, 2. Street Scene Pillow Cover, 3. Bright-Side Quilt, 4. Poppy Field, 5. Summer Runner

My wish for 2012. At least 6 finished projects. At least three of them quilts. Not too much to ask, right?


  1. However many projects you complete this year, may they each be gratifying, and completed in good health. Happy New Year!

  2. Must have been an affliction this year. I go so little done. 2012 HAS to be more prolific!


  3. The number of quilts doesn’t count, as long as you love what you are doing! I’m sure you don’t spend your days idle!
    So, Happy New year Anina, I hope to see some inspiring posts, as I have always considered and still consider you as one of my quilting tutors!!

  4. Definitely not too much to ask :) I totally understand how you feel, I am not even sure I finished as many projects this year as you did :)

    If you want to get together to quilt in 2012, I would love to :)

  5. Maybe not a lot, but all beautiful (and a ribbon too!-- totally awesome!)! :) Here's hopin' for a happy and productive 2012!

  6. They may be small but they are wonderful! Love all the bright and cheery colors.