Friday, January 6, 2012

2011 Books Read

I'm only posting this because I want to keep a record.
I'm definitely a little embarrased.
I did love "The Art of Racing in the Rain" though.

David Baldacci
The Whole Truth
Elizabeth Berg
The Last Time I Saw You
Garth Stein
The Art of Racing in the Rain
Anna Quindlen
Every Last One


  1. I remember reading your list last year.. And I decided to keep track of what I read. So I just posted mine a couple of days ago! Thanks for the great idea.

  2. My list would look like this:
    Brown Bear x 1 million
    Good Night Moon x 1 trillion

    I am in the middle of an adult book right now - I feel like I am betraying my son by reading it...

  3. Love the David Baldacci books. Reading the Sixth Man right now.

  4. I loved the Art of Racing in the Rain too. And I like David Baldacci books too.

  5. Have you also read The Art of Mending by Elisabeth Berg? I got that from a charity shop and really enjoyed it. Funnily enough, I've never heard anyone else mention her though.

  6. I loved The Art of Racing in the Rain! I definitely cried at the end, a very poignant book

  7. I too loved the The Art of Racing in the Rain. I like to listen to audio book (unabridged) while sewing and driving, I can enjoy more books that way.