Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Still Cleanin'

Yesterday I:
1. Cleaned both ovens (well, turned on the self-clean)
2. Cleaned the inside of the top oven's door. It was awful. This took 35 minutes!
3. Attempted to clean the oven shelves but my arm got tired. I'll have to do this in phases.
4. Cleaned the decorative plates and plate rack on the wall
5. Cleaned the door and frame to the dining room. It's a six-panel pocket door so this involved that toothbrush again.
6. Cleaned and re-organized all the cabinets and drawers in the island. Who needs 30 sets of chopsticks? DH brings extras every time we get Chinese. What's with that?
7. Scrubbed the island inside and out - doors, drawers, shelves, everything.

And then I started on a little project...
A Start
It is now 9:30am and I haven't done a thing today.
Gotta go to the post office, the gutter guy coming to give his estimate is late.
Oh, here he is now...I think.

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  1. I'm thinking you hadn't done anything so far because you were TOO TIRED! Whew -- you've really been cleaning!!! Beautiful pinwheel pic!

  2. I love the new project. The bright colors in contrast with the black are wonderful.

  3. You're starting to scare me with all this cleaning business! (jk) Actually, I'm feeling pretty jealous. Looks like a cool project in the words. I love the contrast of the colors against the black.

  4. I'm tired from reading all the things you've cleaned and organised! LOL! I need to vacuum today... that's the second thing on my list after sewing hehe!

  5. Phew that's a lot of cleaning - I hate oven cleaning, you deserve a treat after all of that! Love the sneaky peak of your new project, pinwheels are one of my favourite things!

  6. You are a cleaning machine!
    The bright solids against that black are gorgeous! Can't wait to see the entire piece.

  7. So it turns out, I would rather read about you cleaning, than actually do any myself. I will live vicariously through you. Too bad my place won't get clean that way!

  8. Ah the morning, that is when I get the most done too. I love the sneek peak of the coming soon!!!

  9. are you trying to guilt the rest of us into cleaning right along with you??? ;)

  10. I'll continue to use my partially remodeled kitchen as an excuse not to clean. No cabinets, no cleaning.
    Can't wait to see that finished project! Love the black.

  11. Hey good for you! Cleaning is sorely overdo in this oven too! Wanna come over?
    I cleaned out my pantry! I needed the space for something new and boy was there some stuff in there that should have gone out years ago. It's a big pantry that I'll sorely miss when we move but things get lost in there!

  12. Tip on oven cleaning...
    just leave the racks in! I used to scrub and rub and still couldn't get it off so I left them in and they were totally clean at the end of the cycle. So now I do that all the time and have way more time for quilting!