Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday Recap

So did you do it? Clean, I mean.
I did. And I've found that cleaning is really cleansing for the soul.
It made me put a little something out to kick off Fall.
Fall Decorating
I'm starting to think about doing a painting project or two.
Paint Chips
Monday was kitchen day. It took a lot of time. Today is kitchen day as well.
And Cleaning Week may turn into Cleaning Fortnight.

Yesterday I:
1. Washed out all the wastebaskets with soap and water, inside and out.
2. Cleaned the dishwasher inside and out. A toothbrush was involved.
3. Cleaned the cooktop inside and out. Once again a toothbrush...
4. Washed the kitchen table, chairs, and bar stools. With soap and water.
5. Cleaned the outside of the refrigerator. Yes, a toothbrush...
6. Washed out out the kitchen garbage can - with soap and water.
7. Dusted along all the ceilings and corners where the dust bunnies hide - through the whole house.
8. Washed the kitchen rugs.
9. Dropped off some old chairs at Goodwill.
10. And then quickly swept the kitchen floor, vacuumed the carpets, and swished the bathrooms.


And then I plonked my tired butt down and paged through some decorating magazines.
I'm inspired, I tell you.

Stay tuned...

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  1. Lovin' the table runner action.

  2. Wow, just reading about all this cleaning is making me tired! And now we're gonna have to read about painting too?!
    Just kidding, keep up the good work!

  3. Love the candle on the fantastic table runner and the paint you've chosen is picture perfect { I have the darkest green in my kitchen }


  4. I am getting ready to do a little painting myself and it looks like we have a similar color pallete. I am having trouble picking out greens and I like those on your chip what color are they?

  5. Gosh, thats busy! We have been getting the decorating bug too! Suzie. xxx

  6. Wow! My little bit of going through things sounds so lazy compared to all that you accomplished!

  7. I bet it felt so good to get some of that deep cleaning done. A toothbrush! You out did yourself!

  8. I'm exhausted just with what you've done. I had big plans yesterday but the pump on our septic system broke and the tanks are full. Which meant as little water usage as possible so not near as much got done. They're fixing it today so when I get home this afternoon I have laundry and a sink full of dishes waiting for me. *sigh*

  9. Check out what Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville is doing for fall cleaning - you all might have been separated at birth! PS - did you throw away the toothbrush?

  10. your list is inspiring! still haven't started though. :) well i fall cleaned the sewing room on sunday, but that was before cleaning week, so it might not count :)

  11. Good for you! I also cleaned this weekend, but I'm not at all organized about it. I just run around the house working on things as I see them. It began as a desire to vacuum, but to do that I first had to clear the floor of toys and it just grew from there...

    Doesn't working hard make sitting and doing nothing feel so much better? :)

  12. Love it! You've helped me get going, which is perfect, since my inlaws are going to be here for a couple days this weekend. Can't wait to see your decorating projects! And I love that runner!

  13. Congratulations! I had a week off in July and August for a stay-cation. I cleaned my house top to bottom too. One half in July and one half in August. But, I still see more to do! Oh well, I'll close one eye so I don't see it.

  14. Wow, did you ever clean! You did inspire me and I actually dragged out the Bissell and cleaned the carpet in my bedroom and dining room. That was enough for me.

  15. Very impressive list of accomplishments! I would love to get a day like that. Love your fall table runner. I am inspired to make one for our kitchen table.

  16. That is so great! good for you!

  17. My word...I'm exhausted now!! Those toothbrushes are a wonderful thing aren't they? Love your color palette with the greens.

  18. wow! you got a lot done. I cleaned out my hall closet yesterday. Maybe today I'll have more drive to get more done.

  19. I'm looking forward to doing this in late October. It's when I have time from work.